The DFL Endorsement

The DFL endorses a candidate based on who gets the most votes at the DFL Convention. The people who can vote for a candidate at the Convention are called Delegates. Delegates are voters who feel passionate about issues in their community and want to help their candidate get recognized as someone who will represent community values as the City Council Member.

This page and the next will walk you through what you can expect as you go through the two-step process to becoming a delegate who can vote for Phillipe at the Convention. You must be a Ward 4 resident to participate.

*You don’t need to be registered to vote in order to be a delegate, but you do have to be eligible (have signed up) to vote by Election Day on November 8th.

Step 1: The Caucus

The DFL endorsing process is important because it ensures that voters have the opportunity to support their candidate in a way that can greatly influence the election results in November.

Will you commit to helping Phillipe win the endorsement?

Here is what you will do:

Step 1 is show up to caucus/sign up to be a delegate:

  • Date: April 4, 2017

  • Time: 7:00 pm

  • Location: See map and key below

  • Sign up to be a delegate by filling out a simple form

  • The caucus should not take more than two hours!


Caucus locations based on precinct

Precinct Map