Step 2: The Convention 

Step 2 is show up to the DFL Convention/cast your votes:

  • Date: April 22, 2017

  • Time: 9:00 am

  • Location: Lucy Laney, 3333 Penn Ave N

  • Listen to the candidates speak at the Convention forum about issues that are important to the community

  • Stay tuned for convention rules.

Additional things to note

  • Employers are required by law to allow people time off to participate at the Convention.

  • The Convention process can sometimes last for several hours or more. Phillipe's campaign will be providing food, childcare and rides for the Convention. If you need these services, please reach out to Phillipe's campaign at 

*You don’t need to be registered to vote in order to be a delegate, but you do have to be eligible (have signed up) to vote by Election Day on November 8th.

Include your voice in the democratic process. Be heard and make sure everyone knows we are ready for true progress and representation at City Hall.

Please fill out this form to stay up to date on Convention trainings to get you prepared:

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