21st Century Governing


Our community deserves a representative who will be available and ready to listen.

  • Participatory budgeting
    • Phillipe will engage the Ward 4 community when it comes time for the City to make decisions about funding to make sure we get the resources we need


  • Equity-focused policymaking
    • Phillipe is committed to supporting policies that increase access to opportunities instead of policies that benefit only a few of the most privileged residents.


  • Access to democracy
    • Work with the City Clerk to leverage effective strategies to increase voter turnout for the 2018 midterm elections to ensure Minnesota's executive branch continues to be led by progressive leaders


  • Hold high standards for inclusionary practices for the City of Minneapolis
    • Hold the City of Minneapolis accountable to adopt the MN state-level standards that are inclusive of employees who are LGBTQ, Veterans and those with disability status


  • Accessible and engaged
    • Office hours out in the community, regular community meetings


  • Top-quality, responsive constituent services
    • Phillipe will be available and responsive to meet community needs as they arise
Lane Cunningham