Community Wealth Building



Northsiders deserve equitable opportunities to fully participate in Minneapolis’ thriving economy and enjoy a higher quality of life.

  • Economic wealth

    • Increase the amount of small businesses in the ward

    • Support entrepreneurs from the community

    • Increase access to job training and career pathway programs

    • Promote housing stability and increase home ownership through special loans and grants


  • Emotional and physical health

    • Increase amount of community events to deepen our bonds across cultures as one community

    • Increase urban agriculture for greater access to fresh food

    • Increase access to wellness classes and mental health services


  • Arts and the creative economy

    • Promote investment into the creative economy in North Minneapolis to create more opportunities to learn or just enjoy the arts

      • Access to community arts-focused grants

    • Promote local arts programming


  • A thriving environment

    • Champion solar gardens and community-based energy sharing through local solar power

    • Support community gardens for beautification and lowering our community's contribution to water pollution
    • Remove polluting factories that are degrading the air quality
    • Access to opportunities in Ward 4 and around the City through public and active transportation


  • Science and Technology
    • Promote partnerships that increase community access to technology such as bringing a computer repair shop/learning center to Ward 4
    • Address the digital divide across age, race and income by developing computer literacy courses and opportunities
    • Promote pathways into lucrative careers in technology


Lane Cunningham