I take a comprehensive public health approach to increasing safety: Our community deserves to be safe in ways that lift our neighbors up, not lock them out.

  • Crime Prevention

    • Increase and promote youth violence prevention programming in Ward 4

    • Promote community-based enrichment programming and after-school/weekend opportunities for youth (unrelated to Minneapolis Public Schools)


  • Crime Intervention

    • Develop crime and violence diversion programs and bring those that already exist to the Northside

    • Legalize marijuana


  • Enforcement

    • Increase presence of 'beat cops' to cultivate relationships between the community and patrol officers which in turn promotes trust and decreases police brutality


  • Reentry

    • Work directly with the community to implement a restorative justice model, focusing first on restorative youth committee

    • Remove systemic barriers for felons to be able to enter into the mainstream economy again by forming partnerships with local businesses and orgs to provide job training and career pathways, healthy socialization opportunities and sponsors

    • Health and wellness support through connection to mental health services and other resources


  • Repair trust with the police department

    • Facilitate community listening sessions to explore ways in which policing makes sense in our community

    • Increase transparency in the City/police union negotiations process by making sure Ward 4 residents know when the negotiations are happening

      • Ask experts to host town halls in Ward 4 to help explain the contract to residents


Lane Cunningham