I approach community safety with a public health perspective: violence and crime are symptoms of larger systemic issues rather than individual moral defects. Lets work together to build safe neighborhoods in ways that hold accountable and lift up, not lock out our neighbors.

  • Crime Prevention

    • Continue to increase youth violence prevention strategies through efforts rooted in youth development best practices

    • Trauma-informed policymaking and decision-making

    • Breaking intergenerational poverty and increasing access to economic opportunities

    • Increased reengagement strategies to get youth who have dropped out of high school back on track to earn their diploma or GED and gain paid job training experience

    • Decriminalize marijuana


  • Crime Intervention

    • Data-driven diversion programs focused on permanently disrupting someone’s involvement with crime and the criminal justice system at critical moments of intervention

    • Restorative justice pathways for youth and adults to provide an alternative option that leads to accountability and reconciliation

    • Youth court for juvenile offenders

    • Launch a community violence interrupters program

    • Early interventions for children exposed to violence


  • Enforcement

    • Increase presence of 'beat cops' to cultivate relationships between the community and patrol officers which in turn promotes trust and decreases police brutality

    • During peak crime seasons increase the use of officers on foot connecting to residents and business owners in the community in areas with high rates of gun violence.


  • Reentry

    • Community-based support programming for convicted felons and formerly incarcerated residents

      • Mental health services

      • Develop community and economic partnerships to provide job training and career pathways

      • Sponsorships and mentors

      • Educational opportunities


  • Accountability

    • Increased police accountability through greater transparency in the City/police federation contract negotiations process

      • Invite experts to community town halls during contract negotiations to explain the contract

    • Mental health support for police officers

Lane Cunningham