Youth Opportunities


Our kids deserve to just be kids. They deserve to live in a community where they can safely play outside and in the parks, as well as have opportunities that will set them up to live happy, successful, full lives.

  • Internship and career pathway opportunities
    • Build a coalition of partners from the public and private sectors to create internship and career pathway opportunities and remove barriers for Northside youth


  • Remove barriers to success during crucial moments in development
    • Children savings accounts

    • Mentors during early adolescence

    • FAFSA support to apply for college

    • Career pathways through community partnerships


  • Civic engagement opportunities
    • Create opportunities for youth to get involved in City government
      • Form youth-led, decision-making boards
      • Internship opportunities in City government


  • Youth leadership opportunities
    • Incentivize youth involvement in cohorts that build community leadership and conflict resolution skills


Lane Cunningham