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A Councilmember for All of Us

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JUST IN: Phillipe endorsed by Rep. Ilhan Omar!

"Phillipe is a progressive, equity-oriented candidate, and I urge all those who live in Ward 4 of Minneapolis to rank him as their first-choice candidate." more...

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Photo credit: Jason Bucklin

Photo credit: Jason Bucklin


A 4th Ward that is a clean, healthy, prosperous village where Northsiders can put down their roots, look out for one another, be heard, and thrive.


Why Phillipe?

Learn about Phillipe's track record of getting work done and changing systems in City Hall

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Policy for the People


A Champion for Housing Stability and Increased Homeownership

Housing is a basic human right. Everyone needs and deserves a safe place they can afford to call home.

A Champion for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Small business are the heart of a local economy. This is what makes the stark lack of small businesses in the 4th Ward is so troubling. We know small business owners create jobs and are likely to hire from the neighborhood. Despite this, many storefronts sit empty and commercial buildings dilapidated.

A Champion for Environmental Justice

Building community wealth is more than just more money in people’s pockets (although that does help, too). We cannot call ourselves a prosperous community if the air we breathe and the environment around us continues to make us sick.

A Champion for Community Health

In order for the 4th Ward to thrive, we must be healthy.

A Champion for Children and Youth

Children and young people embody our future. It is our responsibility as adults to make sure we are preparing them to thrive in our rapidly changing world and global economy.

A Champion for Building Safer Neighborhoods and a Just City

No matter where I am at or who I am talking to, concerns about violence in our community are echoed across Northsiders.

A Champion for Empowering Community Voice in City Hall

A City Councilmember is - first and foremost - a representative of the community who elected them. Without a Councilmember actively out in the community and talking to people from all walks of life, most Northsiders are without true representation in City Hall.

Together 4 Ward: Weaving Our Community Fabric

When a community like North Minneapolis suffers from lack of investment for generations, we are robbed of our community fabric and identity. Also, we all know the Northside’s bad reputation precedes it for most. Nearly every Northsider has experienced the negative reaction people have when we tell them where we live, but we know better.


It's time for change.


You can help make progress in our city


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